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About Us

The Egomaniac story began with an original idea on the personalized clothes market that came from the desire to make a special gift to a relative. It was Belgium, 2006. Business has grown nicely since, same as the children wearing its cloths. Egomaniac has become a brand that deals both with the personalization and the production of adult and children's clothing, thus high quality is ensured from end to end in the production chain. The company is a family business run by two sisters.

In Romania, Egomaniac comes in  2018 with the same pleasure to see satisfied customers and especially with the same quality of products and services that are characteristic to the brand. 

Articles with names

Its all in the name!

All of these items are self-produced, of superior quality and the printing is applied with great care. Choose for each article your favorite color and writing style and we'll make sure it arrives at you as soon as possible!