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What if your child gets lost on the beach?

Posted by Egomaniac 15/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Swimwear, For kids,

How not to lose your baby on the beach or at the pool?


If we look at statistics, only in Mamaia beach, Romania, about 50 children get lost from their parents every day. Once they are found wondering around they are generally taken to the lifeguard post.

But now we have the egomaniac personalized swimsuit – the kid has his name and a phone number printed on his swimwear – like this he never stays lost for too long.

Of course, prevention is paramount and there are safety measures that can be taken to prevent the child from getting lost at the beach. Here are some ideas:

-  The child must be dressed in bright colors

-  Have an emergency plan already set up where the kid knows already what to do in case he gets lost ‘

- Always have a recent picture of him with you

- In larger groups make sure you know which adult supervises which child.

- Bigger children should know the parent's mobile number by heart or better yet wear a customized EGOMANIAC bathing suit or T-shirt, same like the little ones!

However, if the baby disappears from the visual range, first try to stay calm and do not panic, otherwise you risk forgetting vital information such as what the baby was wearing when he disappeared. Then look for a person with authority - lifeguard, policeman, security as quickly as possible but do not get too far from where you last saw the child - the kids disappear and reappear without realizing that they are looked for or that they have gone too far. Nevertheless, follow your instinct and alert the police if you think it is necessary - even if you soon find the kid afterwards this will not upset anyone, but you may lose valuable time if the child does not reappear in a short time. When you find your child you will most likely feel relief and anger, but it is important not to be mad at him. More than sure, he is also scared and traumatized by the experience he has gone through, so you should not shock him even more with your anger.

If we go back to prevention, a personalized bathing suit or shorts ensures that even if the child is lost, it will not be for long - the person who finds him will be able to immediately notify you by calling the printed number on his swimwear.

Happy end!

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