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What's in a name?

Posted by Egomaniac 15/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Swimwear, For babies,

What's in a name?


Parents can give their children the name they want but they need to be aware that a name has consequences. A name is not a guarantee of success but it can certainly make your life a little easier.

“The impact of the name comes from how people expect you to be depending on the name you wear, "says Professor James Burning of the University of Ohio. Judging someone after their name may be unfair, but it is something we all do when we make decisions. In a study from 1994 to 2001 in a Florida school, economist David Figlio demonstrated that a child's name influences the way he or she is treated by the teacher, and this differential treatment is reflected in the grades.

Even the letters that make up our name can influence the career we are going to follow. Dr Brett Pelham, analyst at Gallup's survey firm, says people tend to follow professions that resemble their first names. The letter-name effect is caused by what Dr Pelham calls "implicit egotism," that is, we are all unconsciously attracted to things that remind us of ourselves-including the letters in our name. "If you notice even a fragment of your name, your attention is drawn and a positive association is created." says Pelham, who has done all sorts of experiments that have proven his theory.

In another experiment, 6,000 people in England were asked to give notes for the most popular 40 names according to different qualities such as attractiveness, luck, success. For intelligence and success, the royal names came out first - James and Elisabeth. "This is one of the self-fulfilling prophecies: if you have a name that looks intelligent and attractive, you may be seen and treated differently, or behave in a different manner," says the experiment leader.

Psychologists, however, remind us that these stereotypes are prejudices that disappear once you learn more about a particular person. But when you see a name you implicitly associate it with different characteristics and based on those associations emit all sorts of judgments about the one who bears the name, and about his skills and abilities. The question is then not necessarily "What’s in a name?" but rather "What signal does my name transmit - what does it suggest? »

These are all important things to consider when choosing your child's name. But once you made up your mind and chose a beautfiful name  lets put it on everything that belongs to the baby from the baby beanie to his swimwear! Egomaniac will do that with pleasure!

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