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We love hoodies! You too?

Posted by Egomaniac 15/05/2018 0 Comment(s) For kids, For adults,

We love hoodies! Why?

Because they are fluffy, soft, comfortable, useful, warm!


At Egomaniac we personalize your cloths, put your name, your message, your desire on it and make it even more beautiful!

Here are four tips for when you want to order a customized hood:

 Tip 1. Choose the perfect sweatshirt

Looking for a zipper sweatshirt with zipper and hood, or a retro blouse or simply a smooth, fluffy and warm custom outfit? Regardless of the style that suits you at you will surely find what you are looking for. Choose the color, size and style that suits you and contact us for help if you need it.

 Tip 2. Choose the right message

Once you have chosen the right suit, you also have to choose the way we personalize it. Customization can be:

  • with your name or someone else’s name if you are looking for a gift,
  • standard from The Authentic or The One & Only Collection
  • with a message that you chose from the proposals we make you based on your wishes
  • the exact design you want

Next is choosing the color and the font - we suggest choosing colors matching the color of the sweatshirt - and the position where the print should be placed: on the front, back, sleeves, or chest.

 Tip 3. Plan ahead

Place your order in time to be sure you get the product when you need it. We always send orders as fast as we can, but sometimes it can get crowded and sending out an order can take several days.

Tip 4. Ask for help from the experts!

Here at Egomaniac we pride ourselves on the quality of our products that have been successfully selling on the European market for the last twelve years. We have the best equipment and people and we are handling not only the personalization but also the production of our items in order to meet our quality standards.

We hear gladly from you!

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